Virtual Data Center

With just a few clicks, you can configure your virtual data center and migrate your existing on-prem infrastructure to the cloud. You have maximum freedom to design your environment and benefit from familiar and proven systems. Industry-leading technologies accelerate your workloads, and you decide which workloads are redundant, outsourced, or on-prem.


Service Level Agreements

To achieve the maximum availability of 99.99%, instances of a workload must be deployed in at least two different availability zones. The main reasons why the availability of a workload is higher in this scenario are:

  • A software malfunction at the cluster level does not affect another availability zone
  • There is a lower probability of global outages and catastrophic events affecting both availability zones
  • Zibris will not perform maintenance on multiple zones simultaneously
For any single instance Virtual Machine, Zibris guarantees an 
availability of 99,90%.
For all Virtual Machines that have two or more instances deployed in a single availability zone, Zibris guarantees the availability of at least one instance at least 99,95% of the time.
For all Virtual Machines that have two or more instances deployed across two or more Availability Zones, Zibris guarantees the availability of at least one instance at least 99,99% of the time.

Self-Service Portal

Self-service features
  • Creating VMs, vApps, and templates
  • Access to the VM’s consoles
  • Create and restore snapshots
  • Manage storage and storage tiers
  • Manage catalogs of templates, ISO, and other files
  • Manage virtual network functions
  • Manage local users and identity providers, including SAML2 IDPs
  • Managing affinity rules and anti-affinity rules
  • Managing VM replication
Virtual network functions
  • Gateway firewall
  • Distributed firewall (micro-segmentation)
  • Load balancer
  • Router
  • Bridge
  • SSL VPN (customer-to-site)
  • IPSEC VPN (site-to-site)
  • L2 VPN
  • DHCP Server/Relay

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